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1980s Fashion: A Blast from the Past

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Are you Ready to reminisce? 1980s fashion! The 80s shaped fashion with neon spandex and oversized blazers. In this article, we’ll look at 1980s fashion trends, icons, and how they still influence today’s style.

1980s Styles

Fashion exemplified the excess of the 80s. Bold colours, exaggerated silhouettes, and fun and rebellion defined the decade. Let’s examine some era-defining trends:

  • Shoulder pads – Shoulder pads were 80s fashion. These foam inserts gave blouses, jackets, and dresses a stronger, angular silhouette. Bigger shoulder pads are better!
  • Neon hues – The 80s favoured bold colours. Clothing and accessories were neon pink, electric blue, and lime green. Neon scrunchies and leggings made you stand out.
  • Acid-Washed Denim – Wearing jeans wasn’t enough in the 80s. Acid-washed denim, which resembled tie-dyed clothing, was popular. Acid-washed denim was everywhere—jackets, skirts, dungarees.
  • Leg Warmers – Flashdance made leg warmers popular. These cosy accessories added style and comfort to leggings or short skirts.

1980s style icons

Icons of 80s fashion must be mentioned. These risk-takers were known for their bold style. Let’s examine 80s fashion icons:

  • Madonna – Madonna ruled 80s fashion. She pioneered lace gloves and cone bras. Her daring style made her a fashion icon.
  • Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson was a style icon and musician. His “Thriller” red leather jacket, white glove, and fedora became iconic.
  • Princess Diana – Diana was a style icon. Her classic 80s style still influences fashion today. Princess Diana set royal fashion with her statement jewellery and tailored blazers.

Accessories Galore

Accessories were a big part of  80s casual fashion. Women wore chunky jewelry, big earrings, and statement necklaces. It wasn’t uncommon to see people wearing multiple bracelets and watches at once. Belts were also a popular accessory, and many people wore them over dresses and blazers to cinch in their waist and create a more defined silhouette.

How 80s fashion influences today’s fashion

Some 80s trends, like shoulder pads, have returned, but others haven’t. Let’s look at how 80s fashion influences today’s fashion:

  • Big Blazers – 80s-style oversized blazers are back in a big way. An oversized blazer elevates any outfit, whether worn with jeans or a dress.
  • Neon hues – Neon is still a popular choice for bold statements. Neon tops and trainers are always in style.
  • Scrunchies – Scrunchies have returned due to their 80s association. Fun and easy, these colourful hair accessories add nostalgia to any outfit.

Bold, bright 1980s fashion was unforgettable. Shoulder pads, neon colours, and oversized blazers were all about statement-making. Some 80s trends have faded, but others still influence our fashion. Why not add some 80s flair to your next outfit? You might start a trend!

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