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6 Trendiest Looks for Winter 2021-2022

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The wave of winter 2021-2022 trends has already transformed showcases all over the world, so it’s high time to pick up the new winter looks too! Below is a list of the 6 biggest trends of this winter tailored for you by Enibbana fashion observers.

1. Plaid Skirts

Princess Diana’s signature pleated skirts are back to the fashion week’s runways. The timeless design brings a new level of chic, grace, and school uniform youthfulness with reimagined length and color pallet. On the one hand, you can choose classic looks by Phillip Lim and go maxi. On the other hand, you can try a deep forest blue color palette. Or … why not combine both? You can also match your oh-so-classic plaid skirt with heavy-soled boots, white tops, and a classic wool topcoat.

2. Ski School Chick

The trend for oversized top garments goes to a new level by meeting ski gear. The trend for ski school clothing style goes down from the mountains to city centers to ensure you’re not cold this winter. Such big names as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Brunello Cucinelli have already revealed their vision of ski school chic and gave new life to the good old staple puffer jacket. They also offered odd but surprisingly attractive combos of puffer jackets with the elegance of silk slip dresses, faux fur elements, and, quite expectedly, bold knits. The color pallet for this trend includes dark blue, nude, and lilac tones.

3. Knit Maxi Dresses

Knitwear is having a big-time this year and warm body-framing knit maxi dresses seem to stay for years upfront. The sophisticated yet casual knitwear is presented mostly in neutral and minimalist hues and works great together with sneakers, knee boots, and chunky boots, as well as small accessories like Jacquemus bags or similar. It’s also time to look for those avant-garde knitted dresses with extra-long sleeves to underline your unusual attitude to the winter fashion and, of course, feel extra warm.

4. Knitted Vests

Time to visit your grandad and dig into his wardrobe as knitted vests come back to the runways. The cool thing is that there’s nothing new – only the all-retro versatile look. As they did years before, you can mix it with white and blue skirts or stick to the avant-garde manner and wear your knitted vest with oversized T-shirts of any color you like. This statement piece also looks great with layering, all kinds of chunky boots, and, quite conveniently, those trendy puffer jackets!

5. Denim on Denim

At last, the big trend for all-denim looks is back again, but this time designers revive denim from several decades at once! Yes, you got it right, all following hits are back:

  • 90’s grunge jeans;
  • 80’s acid-wash denim;
  • 70’s flares.

The only denim style that’s finally on pause is skinny jeans. Head-to-toe jeans look also make a huge comeback with denim dresses and various combinations of denim skirts, jackets, and pants.

6. Bright-Colored Leather

Leather is always amongst the best options in cold, windy weather, but who said it couldn’t be fun to wear as well? This winter, it is time for bright-colored skirts, coats, and trousers of scarlet, all shades of green, and the forever-popular lilac. You can express yourself by combining these elements with denim, knitted vets, ski school chic, or simply one another to create outstanding all-leather looks!

You’re Cool!

The listed trends have already flooded the stores. Still, we bet you already have a lot of things in your wardrobe that can play a new role in your winter wardrobe. Think of how you could combine them with new items to match the trends or change your entire look. You will be rocking the streets anyway!

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