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Daith Piercing and How Can It Be Helpful in Treating Migraine

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Daith piercing is done on the smallest fold, where the outer cartilage connects to the inner ear, that is just above your ear canal. All kind of piercing gives you a cool look. While most of the piercings are done for improving one’s own style, Daith piercing has some added values for health.

For daith piercing, the piercer has to deal with the minute area and it may be harder sometimes. When the piercing is done properly, you will feel some extra pressure and process can be done in fraction of seconds.

It is better to choose an experienced piercer when you decide to have your daith piercing. Since, improper alignment or bag angles may cause severe complications in healing. Almost Famous Piercing Salon is one such salons with professional piercers and every piercing is done following hygiene methods.

Daith piercing is done based on the acupuncture treatment. This point is related to digestive system and migraines.  Many individuals who have had their daith piercing claim that they are relieved of their migraine or at least the intensity is reduced. Some also feel that it could be a placebo effect.

It would be an added advantage if a piercing could help you lead a normal life and no more need of pain killers that cause side-effects. Moreover, there is nothing wrong in giving it a try, you can adore the aesthetic look even if it doesn’t help lessening your migraines.

Healing and Aftercare

Daith piercing takes a longer time to heal. Depending on the individual, healing time may be between three months to sometimes even one year. During the healing period clean the pierced area twice a day and keep it clean and dry. Use salt and water solution to remove any crust or dirt around the area and wash with lukewarm water.

Avoid sleeping on the pierced area as it would create more pressure on the healing area and make the healing process a complex one.

Usually, a curved barbell is used for piercing since it is easier to heal. You can change your daith earring and choose something more decorative like moons, hearts and stars, once the piercing is completely cured. Regarding jewelry, opt for surgical stainless steel or titanium ones since, cheap metals may cause complications while healing.

Avoid touching the area constantly. Unnecessary movements and trauma can result in excessive damage and cause bumps in the pierced area.

Follow the aftercare steps instructed by your piercer and do not try any self-treatment for curing your pierced area. Contact your piercer immediately if you experience any intense pain or any other condition.

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