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Savannah Dress Designer Uses Sun Light, Ott-Lite

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When dress designer Brenda Betalia of BB’s Salon (of Savannah, Georgia) would go to focus on a custom-made dress, she thinks to begin her vision by utilizing Ott-Lites in her own salon.

“You’d believe that using the economy the actual way it is appropriate since custom dress-making will be a business which was battling,” states Betalia, “but it is not.” Betalia explains that because the economy started to slow lower, increasingly more customers who accustomed to purchase only in the designer label houses are actually visiting her to personalize dresses and suits on their behalf. “A lot of my clients are searching for any local American dressmaker to obtain the tailored custom look they need without having to worry about high fashion prices. Some really have explained that they’re now only thinking about buying American.”

The truth is custom dressmaking and tailoring has become a much less common profession. Less individuals are taking on the trade, so the couple of custom dressmakers who’re left are becoming the lion’s share from the work. The popularity in Betalia’s situation is perfect for a nearby dressmaker to personalize a brand new outfit that’s superbly made. The reason why would be the new patriotism for purchasing American, and also the desire to have the bride to be to save cash too.

Betalia described, “I simply finished a wedding gown which was so beautiful! I’d my assistant sew in 2 1000 small crystals so we used probably the most costly silks it’d a nine-feet train, but still clothing found only 5000 dollars. That very same dress, if bought at a higher finish wedding store or mall, could have been a minimum of ten grand. The bride to be compensated for the bridesmaids’ dresses and also the groomsmen’s tuxedoes using the money she saved using my studio.”

While jobs are plentiful, indeed, Betalia needs to turn lower some orders nowadays. She’s conscious that the lengthy hrs she spends employed in the salon can put stress on her eyes and also the vision of her assistants. “I personally use Ott-Lites for that salon,” states Betalia. “Eventually I saw my cousin, who lots of my beadwork, straining her eyes, and that i stated, ‘come on let us get us some decent lights for that job’.” On that day Betalia outfitted BB’s salon with desk and sewing lamps by Ott-Lite with Ott-Lite Full Spectrum 3X Magnifier and Ott-Lite Truecolor Task Light.

“I’m studying about true color lights for stitching studios, which natural, full-spectrum light was better for that eyes. I made the decision to safeguard my vision and also the vision of my assistants,” stated Betalia, “In the end, our vision is our work!” As well as for this American dressmaker, that vision is having to pay off.

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